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At JT Designs, we bring our passion for interior design to every project. We believe in creating unique living spaces that are welcoming with a calming effect - perfect for those who need an escape from the hustle and bustles of life outside their home!

We work hard at bringing together various materials such as wood flooring or stone walls while still maintaining cohesion between different areas through colour schemes. We believe that interior design and staging is an art form in its own right; one which should be taken seriously when you're looking for something different from the norm or want your space to come alive with personality!

Our team takes pride in creating unique spaces that are influenced by natures elements.

about us
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When I first moved to Toronto from Eastern Europe, one thing that was difficult for me was adjusting to a new culture. I had never experienced such a diverse city and it took me some time to figure out my place here.

I always had an eye for all things design and when I graduated with a diploma in interior design, the natural fit became apparent. It has always been important for me to surround myself with beautiful things, which is why while searching for furniture pieces or decor items while shopping, the piece of furniture or decor item would speak to me - either through colour, texture or shape. 

My one constant is that I always try to stay up on the latest trends in the design world. My inspiration comes from nature and all of the places I have traveled to. 

My biggest motivation is my daughter, who loves learning about my business and helps me shop for furniture, as well as my husband who supports me in everything I do. 

What does home mean to me? A space that is cozy and inviting, relaxing yet functional-a place where you can truly feel at ease after a long day's work!

Principal Designer  |  JT Designs

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Krista is always the voice of reason in our heads. She'll say NO when we need to keep our heads out of the clouds, and she always speaks her mind. She has been a part of "team random bruise" aka JT Designs for years now - ever since that evening over cocktails where we realized how much help she could be with our team. Her straight forward nature helps keep things running smoothly on all our projects. Krista has been an integral part of our team. 

Alanna is a passionate interior decorator who's fueled by donuts and skinny vanilla lattes. Her favourite pastime? Talking about all things design! She has been working at JT Designs since April 2021 and is always so excited to share what else interests her with us - from talking about new trends in furniture or sharing tips on her amazing DIY projects. You can find this girl behind the scenes during breaks, when she talks your ear off while making sure everything looks picture perfect. We are so fortunate to have her on our team. 

Victoria has an eye for interior decorating with extreme passion for minimalistic design. Her high energy adds to our team dynamic in following through with our daily tasks from staging to interior design (although it might take some coffee to do so!).

You can always rely on her to think on her feet and make sure things are organized. 

meet the team


We partner with an extensive list of sought-after brands, retailers, local artisans, and service providers to ensure we can cater to all your unique needs and budget requirements. 

West Elm
Pottery Barn
McGee & Co
Williams Sonoma
Celadon Art
Moe's Home Collection



Urban Barn
Crate & Barrel
LD Shoppe


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